Failing to do the Good We Ought To Do


There’s an old saying that goes, If we’re not growing we’re dying. Walking with the Spirit is intended to be a daily thing that must continue to go deeper. I’ve got a lot of experience with moving forward in my Christian walk and then growing complacent, then stalling out, and then I look around me and I’m suddenly immersed in old habits, clinging to dead things.

This path I’ve chosen to walk only goes one direction and there’s absolutely only one way to walk it out. I must continuously stay in the word and connect with the Spirit. I must follow His commands and obey his word. I can say all day how great my faith is, but if I’m not actually living out what The Word says to do, then what do I have? Nothing.

There’s a line in the big book of AA that says half-measures availed us nothing. This is true for the Christian way of life as well. If I’m only half-heartedly attempting to connect with God then I’m sure to be met with silence. Don’t get me wrong, God absolutely meets us where we are at. He is always present in our lives, but when I’m failing at staying true to my own commitment to Him I’m handicapping myself. He can hear me at all times, but when my head is filled with worldly things and I’m committing actions that aren’t righteous those thoughts are louder than His voice. I’m literally walking away from Him instead of toward him. The fault is my own. So when you’re sitting there wondering where He is, frustrated with your circumstances, don’t doubt Him, look at yourself.

Even in the worst experiences life can throw at us, we have no excuse to become stagnant. Read through the book of Job. In fact in the midst of the storm, we have many reasons to press forward and rely on the strength of God to see us through it. One of my favorite quotes is, when life becomes too hard to stand, kneel. We must trust that God is good no matter the season. Let him transform your pain into something beautiful. Your pain is a tool that can be harnessed to combat the enemy, not only in your own life, but somebody else’s. God will use what was meant to harm you to strengthen you, to help you, to raise you up and mold you into a warrior. He’s done it for me. Not that long ago I was a troubled and angry girl. I was doing awful and shady things. I had experienced tragic loss and endured what was to me great consequences. In my mind I was the furthest thing from a Christian woman, now I would shout about the mercy of God from the rooftops if I knew it would help someone. His love is life-changing.

I cried out to God in my anguish and he answered me. He met me in my pain and healed me, but only because to the best of my knowledge I obeyed his Word.


When I fail to do so and don’t do the good I ought to do I can’t grow. I shut myself off from the sunlight of the Spirit. It’s a matter of time before old wounds start resurfacing.

The good I ought to do? What does that mean? It looks a little different for each person depending on where they are in their walk of life.

I can only speak for me, because this is the path I’m on. I’ve experienced these revelations through my own trial and error.

The good I ought to do for me is simple, but first:

For each and every one of us we are commanded to all obey the Word and live a righteous life. We are absolutely supposed to uphold the law written in the bible, but we are saved through grace, meaning we are accredited righteousness through faith in Jesus Christ. Meaning, yes, while I’ve sinned, Jesus’s sacrifice covers my sin, when God looks at me he sees me as righteous and holy. That does NOT mean the law does not matter. We are still called to uphold it, but without the power of the Spirit we absolutely cannot.

We must uphold the law, because we are still called to do good works, not to achieve salvation, because we are gifted it through faith, but because we have salvation.

If we are not committed to the the our good works, how can we say we have faith? Our faith is shown by our good works! Faith without works is dead. Faith is an action. Think of the story of Abraham.

The law was meant for good. The law was setup to save us from ourselves after sin entered the world. The law is just and perfect, because God is just and perfect. We are not, we once were. We were created in God’s very own image, but when we disobeyed him we fell from grace. The law was meant to bring us back into right standing, but because sin is in the world as we are in the world we failed it’s purpose. So God gave us an amazing gift. The Holy Spirit.

When Jesus died for us, we were then given the gift of the Spirit who resides in us. He sets us apart. He makes us holy and righteous, no longer a slave to sin. The power of sin in our lives is defeated, but ONLY if we live in a daily dependency upon our Creator.

Why wouldn’t we want too? Why wouldn’t you want to have an ever growing relationship with your creator?

When we fail to do so, sin sneaks back in. I say sneaks, because the enemy is crafty. He’s the ultimate trickster. He lies and deceives us and turns us away from the truth, but that can only happen if we don’t arm ourselves with the truth. How do we do that? Obey the word. If you don’t know it, how can you do it?

Sometimes we know the word, and then choose to not follow it and that’s how the enemy gets a foothold in our lives. Stealing, killing, and destroying everything he can, but only because we’ve left the door open for him to come in.

The good I ought to do is simple and not easy.

As a follower of Christ, I must obey the Word.

As a wife, I must submit and love my husband.

As a mother, I must raise my children up in righteousness.

As a daughter, I must respect my parents.

As a friend, I’m called to be loyal, honest, and giving.

As a citizen, I must obey the laws in my country, state, and town.

As a good neighbor, I must be helpful, loving, kind, and giving.

As an example to other believers, I must do all of those things and more.

Each of those areas are way more in depth than I’ve written, but to save time I’ve kept it simple.

When I fail to do any of these things I’ve listed I’m failing to do what I ought to do, meaning I’m a sitting duck for the enemy and I’ve absolutely allowed this to happen.

Then down the rabbit hole I go. Depression, anxiety, fear, control, anger, indulgence, and all kinds of different multitudes of sin have free reign in my life.

God provides a foolproof way to save us from ourselves and the answer lies within the pages of our bibles. You want to change your life? Read it. You want to be “right” with God? Obey it.

It is that simple. I speak of years of experience in the rabbit hole. I’ve found a way that truly works and that has saved and transformed my life. My way got me at the bottom of a bottle, staring into a pool, thinking it would be totally fine to just jump in and drown myself while my husband was looking on and my child sleeping peacefully inside.

I’m not sure where your way got you. It could be worse, or it could be better, but it’s nothing compared to living in true freedom with Christ. I can absolutely promise you that. So if you haven’t opened your bible today and intimately connected with Christ, you should do so.

I can only speak of these things, because I’ve lived out these experiences. All of this was absolutely learned the hard way♡♡ It doesn’t have to be learned in the way I had to learn it. I’ve lost friends, time, lengths of sobriety, and many opportunities as consequences for my stubbornness and foolish and selfish choices. Yes, obeying the word is a sacrifice. Yes, we must die to our flesh and it’s painful. Yes, for lack of a better word sometimes it just sucks to choose righteousness over flesh, but it’s nothing compared to the Joy that’s coming and the joy it can bring to your present life now. How free do you want to be? Then do the good you know you ought to do.

Transitions and Convictions

Over the last couple of years my family and I have gotten serious about our faith. We’ve made radical changes in our lives, because we want to live for Christ. We learned by submitting our will and aligning our will with God’s will, which is lined out for is in the bible, this was the only path to true freedom.

We’ve made the decision to stop being lukewarm and fully live out our lives according to His standard. Walking the path of saying we believed in God, but clinging to dead things left us starving and struggling in deep rooted sin.

It’s not been easy, but through the power of Christ we’ve been granted freedom from sin that had been killing not only our marriage, but our bodies and our minds. I suffered for years with drug addiction and alcoholism. My husband had a secret pornography addiction. Once we buckled down and obeyed the Word and God’s commands we flourished in His grace and mercy. New life bubbled up inside of us. We began to change from the inside out. The power of Christ and His love breathed new life into our entire being. Through choosing to do the next right thing according to the Word we were both healed from our afflictions. We were changed. Our marriage healed. Everything began changing for the better, but it also opened our spiritual eyes. As we grew closer to Jesus and fell more in love with him, we began to see the things that we were doing and choosing to partake in that just wasn’t okay anymore, and infact led us into deeper sin.

Lying. Cussing. Anger. Whatever it was, we had to begin walking a righteous path otherwise, our flesh would rise up again. The more we grow in Christ, the more the Spirit changes us and begins to align our desires with the Father’s. Choosing God and His way everyday made all of that possible.

It’s not been easy, but there has been so much joy, many miracles, freedom, and healing that we never thought was possible. We are not perfect. We don’t do it well everyday, but it’s a path that we will walk for the rest of our lives and it won’t be completed and made perfect until we meet Christ. We should be striving to obey His Word in all things.

All of this change brought on alot of questions and grief with friends and family. There were some things that our loved ones just couldn’t comprehend.

For instance, our whole life began to be revolve around our church and our church body. Prayer night, church, and bible study became a priority.

That’s way too much church I would hear people say. Why can’t you miss bible study? Just go next week. Why do you spend all Sunday morning in church? That’s ridiculous. Don’t you need to have a life?

Our life doesn’t revolve around church. Our lives revolve around Jesus and we strive to be led by the Holy Spirit in all things and our activities reflect that. Our meetings together as a church body encourage, educate, and hold us accountable to each other.

There’s no time frame in the way the Holy Spirit moves so why do we only give Him an hour on Sunday morning?

Another one I hear often, is why do you always take that person’s advice. Don’t you have your own mind? Why do you want spend so much time with them?

We spend time with our pastors and those further along on this walk we are on, because they have something we want. They have the depth and weight of someone who has been totally transformed by Christ and emulate His Spirit and His goodness. We want that. They deciple us. Show us how to walk the walk. In order to live this path well, we spend time with them often. We go to them for advice. We seek them out. If you want to change your way of life for the better, wouldn’t you spend all the time you can with someone who was living that way? That’s what Jesus says to do.

These were just some of the minor changes that bothered those closest to us. There also some big things that God began to convict us on.

One huge transition in our lives that our family and friends are having issues with is how going forward we will be choosing to spend the holidays.

This has been a huge struggle for me as well. I loved celebrating all the holidays growing up. It was always a magical time where my family got together and we would all spend quality time together and have a blast making memories. It’s been a huge sacrifice in my own heart coming to the realization that how we celebrate these holidays will have to change or be let go entirely.

Christmas was an especially hard one for our family, but it was a no brainer. Santa Claus while fun and magical for children totally takes away the meaning of why we celebrate it in the first place. We also know that it isn’t truly Jesus’s birthday, but we’ve decided to celebrate it in a way that brings attention to Christ and glorifies him. These are our convictions that God has placed on our hearts. I don’t expect everyone to agree or understand. I also don’t condemn other people who choose to celebrate in their own way or the traditional way.

We specifically chose to banish Santa, because we are in agreement that it’s pure idolatry. I know St. Nick is based on a real person, but the Santa Clause we our teaching our children is not even in the same ballpark as the original man and while it’s a nice historical story, I don’t understand how it correlates with the story of the birth of Christ. All Santa does is distract from the main reason it’s celebrated in the first place. That is a tactic of the enemy. Even the Christitan radio stations replace songs about Jesus with songs about reindeer.

Also, when you get down to the facts about what we teach our children about Santa and compare the character with who God is, it begins to get very uncomfortable.

He sees you when you’re sleeping
He knows when you’re awake
He knows if you’ve been bad or good
So be good for goodness sake.

Take a look at Psalm 139. The similarities are striking.

Why at Christmas do we need to teach our children to be good so a man can come deliver them presents? We should be teaching our children to be good so that they can live in eternity with Christ. We don’t need anything more than that. Isn’t the gift of salvation enough?

Well Santa is magical!
If choosing to not celebrate Santa takes away from the meaning of Christmas then we don’t truly understand the gift of who Jesus is to us.

Here is an article that totally solidifies my point for further reading.

click here for article

We will also be celebrating Easter differently. We will not be celebrating the Easter bunny. Even the word is pagan. Instead we will celebrate Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection. That’s enough of a cause to celebrate for us.

We also struggled with Halloween this year as well.
I personally saw no harm in dressing up my girls and trick or treating. In my opinion, declaring it evil was giving a foothold to the devil. We are covered and saved. We weren’t committing evil. It was all fun and games. We weren’t worshiping another God. As long as we didn’t decorate with dead things, dress up in demonic and scary costumes, and go to haunted houses I didn’t see anything wrong with it. It’s for kids. I felt like going the religious route of banning it was overkill. If we believe in Jesus, we are fine. We are not satanic worshipers. No big deal right? Before leaving to take our girls out on Halloween night I prayed to God to open my eyes and show me the truth.

So we took our daughters to a town safespook. We had a blast. Nothing scary. It was very lighthearted.

Then we took our oldest throughout the neighborhood. Several of the houses had some really scary decorations up. One was based on the movie IT. Red balloons every where and clown costumes. Another house, people had bloody face masks handing out candy to small children. Further down, there was somebody revving up a chain saw. It was kinda over the top, but it’s Halloween. My daughter would not even go to those houses, because she was terrified. I kept telling her it’s not real. I asked her if she wanted to go home, she said no she wanted the candy.

There were some houses that weren’t so scary, but she was still a little spooked. I stopped and told her she didn’t have to go, we could skip. She said no, I want the candy. It’s not real.

Y’all spiritual warfare is real! It’s a battle we fight everyday.
No, we cannot see it, but on day that we can plainly see it, I’m teaching my child to ignore it for the sake of fun and candy.

The Holy Spirit answered my prayer and gave me the revelation I asked for. In that moment the Spirit showed me what I was teaching my child. I was showing her it’s okay to endure things that are scary and demonic if there’s pleasure involved. She’s being desensitized to it. She sees this big scary house with evil decorations, that we as adults totally comprehend aren’t real, but as a child alarm bells are going off in her head, and I’m saying it’s okay, because you’re getting something out of it. Imagine her at 16 deciding on if she wants to go to house party. Her conscious and the Holy Spirit are telling her, hey, that’s not good idea. Not very Godly. Some bad things could happen. Yet, for the first 10 or 11 years of her life I’ve been teaching her it’s okay to partake in unrighteous things as long as it’s fun. The Holy Spirit lives in us all. Her Spirit is warning her that something is off here. It’s not safe. I’m teaching her that it’s okay, as long as you’re getting something from it. I’m teaching her to ignore those warning bells for the sake of candy. I know it sounds stupid, but we can absolutely become desensitized to sin and evil and it starts the moment from when we enter the world.

This is how the enemy sneaks in, disguised as a children’s holiday.

Even if it is just all about children, why are we decorating our houses with scary decorations from rated-r movies that we wouldn’t even let them watch at home? It’s fun and we get a thrill from being spooked. You know what else is thrilling? All kinds of sin. Premarital sex, drugs, porn. Those can all thrilling at first.

No, Halloween is no big deal for adults that know the absolute truth and know who we are in Christ, but our kids don’t know any of that for certain. The enemy can absolutely disguise himself as an angel of light.
I’d rather safeguard my children than have fun for the sake of fun.

I know these are very controversial beliefs and not everyone agrees and some would even go as far to say I’m ruining my children’s childhood. To that I say the road is narrow and we are called to be set apart.

These holidays are deeply secular and rooted in pagan traditions. What does the word say about these kinds of things?


A wise pastor once said:
One man considers one day more sacred than another (eg. Christmas); Another man considers every day alike. Each one should be fully convinced in his own mind. He who regards one day as special, does so to the Lord. (Romans 14:5-6)

I don’t think it’s wrong to celebrate Christ and glorify God. I think it’s how we go about doing that is what matters. When we add traditions of the world to it, it’s no longer about God. It takes away from Him. That’s what we teach our Children. We are teaching them that our lives aren’t all about Christ. The most important thing we can ever share with our children is the salvation we can find in Christ. Why isn’t that magic enough?

These are our family’s convictions. Convictions that didn’t come until we began fully seeking God. Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear. My advice, pray about it. Ask Him to open your spiritual eyes this holiday season. You might be surprised.


Count It All Joy: The Journey of bringing Shalom into Our Home

The start of my family’s story is a rocky one, and that’s putting it nicely. Our jourey began about four years ago. My husband I were two very naive and impulsive kids who fell in love and got married fast. Absolutely, no one thought it was a swell idea, and with good reason. We were not in very healthy places, but we were head over heels in love. We made a rash decision to get married quickly without really taking the time to consider how it would impact those around us. We were just kids and only thinking of ourselves. Nobody thought we would make it. Our decision changed alot of lives. The last few years have been ROUGH. We barely knew each other and we have endured so much heartbreak, most of which we brought on ourselves. We have been through the ringer together.

My husband lost his little girl to leukemia in Feburary of 2018. It completely wrecked us both. We did not handle it well or walk through it gracefully. There was so much we could have and should have done better for her. In the aftermath of losing her our marriage was nearly destroyed. We were so so lost. There were many times we nearly walked away, but God had other plans for us.

I struggled severely with motherhood and being a wife.
Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband and my little girls more than anything in this world, but I kept finding myself drained..mentally and emotionally. I spend so much of my day serving others, I felt so lost in all of it. The life I was living certainly wasn’t the life I thought I would have. Spending much of my teenage years and the beginning of my adult life in addiction, when I finally got help and got well, I was married with two kids. It was a whole other ballgame that I was sorely underprepared for. I had to learn and still am learning how to be a thriving mother and wife.

The first year and a half after having my girls I was a total total zombie. I was literally dead in my soul. Everything was on auto pilot. I was severely depressed and just going through the motions.

My husband was more or less on the same spiritually dead path I was. He became a father at the ripe age of 15. His childhood ended abruptly, but in his mind he was still very much a young boy. He did things in his own time, and in his own strength, and understanding. He wrestled with a pornography addiction for much of his life, which crippled his self-worth and value as a man. We got married young and had children young. Needless, to say we were a mess. Constantly, trying to bring our house in order, we kept going about it in the wrong way. The wrong way, being in our own strength.

We would make attempts to go to church and “grow up”. None, of which lasted, because we failed to maintain our day to day walk.

It was in the aftermath of losing my husband’s daughter that we really came to the end of ourselves. God truly makes good of all things. Losing her destroyed us both. There was absolutely no where to go but up.

We started going to a new church and began a journey that changed my whole life. My husband and I committed ourselves to living righteously and deepening our relationship with God. I had read about all these things in my bible of course, but had never truly applied biblical principles into my own life.

In away, before I was living out my own religion, although I had claimed it was Christianity. I had one foot set in the world and my other in what I thought was right standing with God. I had thought it was good enough. It absolutely was not. I took what sounded good to me in the bible, and disregarded the rest.

That kind of half-measured attitude kept me from growing, and if we’re not growing, we’re dying. That much was obvious in my own life.

In the beginning of my family’s journey we began to press into the Lord and bring our household into right order with God. Meaning, the husband is the head of our household.

We are to commit ourselves wholly and truly to God’s word and obey his commands. Which by the way, is not for the faint of heart. It was rough! Talk about some late nights. We had begun a marriage class over this very topic. We nearly questioned our poor pastors to death!

I have always been a very dominating person, at least in my personal relationships. Very much so in my marriage. I prayed and prayed for my husband to stand up and become a man of God, and when he finally did I wasn’t ready to let him be the head of our household. I felt it was wrong at first, so last century. I’m my own woman, I don’t need a man to rule me was my thinking. It’s the 21st century. Women can be their own bosses. Yes, they absolutely can, but in a marriage things, biblically, should flow differently. The way I was viewing the order of the household was in a perverted way. That’s not how God planned it. The husband has duties, many more, duties to fulfill for his wife, than she does for him. The beauty of it is, if both spouses are walking with God and obeying His word and their individual spousal duties, then it should all flow seamlessly.

It was a rough, rough transition. I still struggle sometimes with submitting to him in some things, but I can’t deny the peace that has settled in my home as a result.

Men need respect, and I didn’t have much respect for anybody back then, much less my husband, who in my opinion at the time wasn’t doing his part. When he finally began doing his part, I still had issues slaying my flesh and submitting to him when I disagreed with him, or when he called me out on my crap. I was argumentative and had to have the last word. We had crazy fights. I was very volatile. It was chaos. Slowly, but surely as we started walking with Christ I began to settle down and work on my issues. God, calls us to respect our husbands, because they have a huge job. When they finally meet their maker, they are not only responsible for their own walk, but ours, and our children.

That fiery urge inside of me to refuse to submit to my husband is a consequence of the fall of man, which happened all the way back in Genesis. People, by nature are sinful and rebellious. This stems from Eve eating the apple and sin entering the world. The enemy came in and disrupted the flow of the universe created by God by tempting Eve. It had a lasting consequence that still reigns today in every home where the Spirit doesn’t live. It all originated in the fall of the first family. Satan comes to cause confusion, kill, steal, and destroy. What, better way to do that, then going after the order of each household? When the father and the mother aren’t living righteously, their children can fall prey to the enemy. They aren’t reared and raised in the word, they don’t know to obey the word, and that’s how whole families are destroyed. This is why bringing our homes in right order is so very important. It’s not just about our marriages and our salvation. It affects generations to come.

At first my husband and I had to have a complete spiritual overhauling as individuals and come to terms about our own walk with Christ and all the things that desperately needed to change. Then our marriage needed a complete spiritual overhauling. Now our parenting is in the process of being healed. That’s the beauty of bringing your house into all flows down. My husband, got well, then I did. Then our marriage we are finally raising our kids according to biblical principles and we are beginning to see the fruit of it. We are in the process of being sanctified. We are walking out our salvation and it has not been an easy journey. There’s been a lot of tears, but this time for righteousness sake. We were deeply sick and had so much to learn, but when we began to put into the day to day work. Peace began to reign in our lives.

The day to day work is completely dependent on each spouse, but when we are in unity it’s supernatural. God can really began to move in big ways.

My husband conquered his pornography addiction… I was freed from my addiction, and not only that, but my label as an addict. The misery and suffering we were walking in has been totally healed. The day to work includes studying and obeying his word, slaying our own flesh, and living not for ourselves, but for the Kingdom.

When Shalom (Peace) reigns in a home, God has the ability to use it’s occupants to advance the Kingdom. When Shalom is not present in our hearts or home , it makes it near impossible for him to use us. In fact, if we as children of God go into a home that does not have Shalom, God calls us to leave it. The bible is very clear on this.

God can’t move in places where he’s not invited.

The great benefit of all of this work, and it is work, but when we live it out, it replaces our sorrow with joy. We literally come alive with hope and anticipation for what God is doing all around us. Our entire beings and life takes on new meaning.

We were living a miserable existence until we began this journey. Now, my heart and my life is so full, and I can trust and know God is absolutely in control and ALL things work together for the good of those that love Him.

It was not easy getting to this place in life, but we perserved and we definitely still are being pruned for His Glory.

My marriage is finally in unity, our spirits are in unity, but the work is not over. Now God is really moving in the way we parent our children. As a result of my husband’s and my own upbringing, as well as our laziness, and just plain ignorance, we weren’t raising our children to know God, or disciplining them according to what was right. We were selfish and neglectful with our attention at times. My husband’s relationship with my eldest daughter was in shambles. He wasn’t around much due to work, and when he was home, he was still absent emotionally. When his first child, got sick, he felt so disconnected with his other children, and felt guilty spending time with them, when he couldn’t bring himself to see his other daughter. Our daughter didn’t trust him, nor like him very much. Every interaction they had was negative due to him only paying attention to her when she was acting up.

I wasn’t any better, possibly even worse. I was using on and off the first two years of her life, but I was a constant so she clung to me. Back then I was so depressed and I looked at motherhood as something I had to do and resented my children for it. I was so utterly selfish. There was no joy in it for me. I resented my husband, and my daughter watched the way I treated him and came to regard him the same way. She didn’t obey him.

It all flows down, from God, to the husband, to the wife, to the children. Unfortunately, so does all the negative behaviors. Our children soak up everything like little sponges. I was an angry and demanding person. My daughter has picked up those attributes.

Now, we are in the process of correcting all of this since bringing our household into right order. My daughter and my husband’s relationship is completely different. She loves him, and she actually listens to him now before me. He loves spending time with our girls. He cherishes them and values them. All of this plays into the way they view themselves.

My days now are filled with wonder. Yes, motherhood can be daunting and exhausting, but it’s beautiful. I have joy and I’m at peace knowing I’m raising my children right. The most amazing thing is, now that we’ve corrected these behaviors in our own lives, we are giving our children a much better start in life. They are now three and nearly two. They are teachable still. I can’t help but shudder to think of much difficult it would have been had to we began this journey when they were older, but it is never, never to late. Nothing is impossible with God.

If as parents, we are failing to build our children up and raise them well, they will not have much of chance out there in the world as adults, but it goes so much deeper than that. If we are not watering their souls and loving them, disciplining them, how can we ever expect them to come to know and love the Lord?

How could they put their trust in a God they can’t see, if they can’t trust the authority they can see? If we are not training our children to obey us, with a desire to obey us, then how are we going to expect them to obey anybody else? Especially, their Creator?

This is why it is so important to bring everything into right order, because our position now affects our children, their children, and their children. My husband’s and my own addictions were passed down from our own Father’s. We were raised with the knowledge of God, but we didn’t understand and weren’t taught to obey and love him. We went through a world of pain to get where we are now. Thankfully, our children won’t have as huge as a road to pave as we did.

We definitely do not have it all together and we still have so much to learn and put into place, but I am so, so excited to see what the Lord is going to do in our lives. I am extremely grateful for the Lord’s grace and mercy, because I need it every day. This way of life is so much better than the one we were living, it takes work, but we reap a harvest of joy at every turn, because we are being sharpened and refined.

For anyone that happens to read this and has any questions, please leave a comment or send me an email. I’m happy to answer anything! Thank you if you stuck with me for this long!

The Cure To An Identity Crisis

Without the love of Christ, devotion, and most importantly obedience and knowledge of his word I was in an impossible situation that had no happy ending. In order to receive the full healing in the deepest parts of my soul I would need to bring every aspect of my life into the submission and will of God. What I so desperately needed along with every other hurting person was a spiritual overhauling that included casting off and turning away from my flesh and putting on my new identity that absolutely had to be rooted in the Christ. From that foundation miraculous healing could absolutely occur, along with a daily dependence upon my Creator, walking out my salvation, I could be made new.
Without any of the knowledge and soul reformation I now have today, I became dependent on the things of this world to fill the void that could only ever be filled with Christ. Without a firm identity in the one who made me I was a child lost in a losing battle I didn’t have a chance at winning. I was immersed in Spiritual warfare I was sorely surely underprepared to fight. So I used the only tools I knew how to cope with.
I chose these weapons because of the culture I grew up in. It was totally normal thing to drink heavily and do drugs recreationally. It was completely normal to lash out and hurt people. I believed upon watching those around me that it was expected to use people to make myself feel better and only care about myself.
This was the kind of environment I grew up watching and learning. Children see everything. They learn how to live and cope by the example set by their parents and community. That’s why it is of upmost importance to set your house in order and bring it under the will of God before bringing any child into your home. Children grow up and they become responsible for themselves. My parents are not responsible for the sins I’ve committed as an adult. I do not blame them for my mistakes and my pain. I know now they didn’t know what they didn’t know. My dad died in chains to his addiction and without the full understanding and revelation of the love of God in his life. He believed in God, but he never walked out the salvation of his soul. I pray that he received it before he met the one who created him. He died a very hurting and broken man and I know he wanted better for me. I can happily say that his prayer has absolutely been answered, because of the work my parents tried to begin in themselves through their love and examples I was pushed into the arms of Christ and He has broken the cycle the enemy tried to trap me in.
I grew up in a very chaotic environment. My childhood at times seemed like one big party. It was totally normal to drink and party every time family came around. It was normal to soothe momentary issues with drugs and alcohol. This was my understanding from watching the adults in my life. Family time and visits with extended family members and friends were low-key drinking events that usually got crazy late into the night. As a teenager most of my extended family and my sisters gave me alcohol to drink. It was all very normal to me as a kid. I really didn’t see any issue with it. Mainly, because I didn’t know any better and neither did anyone else.

As a child and a preteen I was neglected emotionally. Nobody poured into me and if someone did they were as broken as I was. I wasn’t fed or decipled well. My mom wasn’t around and my dad distanced himself from me emotionally. I had no boundaries of any sort. My mom tried to late to put her foot down and parent me. I was about 13 when she really started to realize how damaged I was. She was terrified of me turning out like her and my dad. She constantly told me that I had to beat the cycle of addiction.

She was out of state most of my preteen and early teenage years. My stepfather had no clue how to manage three teenage girls. We ran wild. My mom could only set so many rules over the phone. There was no one to control me. Most of my acting out was a cry for attention and help. She didn’t respond till I was 15. When she did, her answer was to leave my stepfather and move me out of state and tear me away from every comfort I had ever known. She still did not know how to mother me. She met my emotional trauma with anger. She refused to have compassion and mercy for me because she had finally gotten her act together so in her mind my behavior was all my doing and I needed to get over it and move on like she had.
I now understand my mother only knew how to use the tools she had been taught to use. That her solutions to life had been passed down to her from her broken support system. Most of her actions were rooted in fear and she absolutely did the best she could and she is not to blame for my actions. We are not fighting against flesh and blood enemies. We live in a fallen world where the prince of lies reigns in the hearts of men who don’t know who they belong to.
After moving to Texas I met a guy. He paid attention to me and I ate it up, because at this point I felt like I had no value. I wasn’t worthy of attention and love, because my own parents had rejected and neglected me. I treated those internal wounds with boys, cutting, drinking and drugs. Growing up in the environment I did, it was all I knew how to do. I hadn’t ever been shown any different. At 16 my dad died. I broke completely. Out of both my parents his love was the only thing I was certain of. My mom was incapable of nurturing me in that time period of my life. I know now, it wasn’t because she didn’t want to, but she didn’t know how. Nobody had loved her well. She didn’t have Jesus, what could she have provided for that broken and angry teenage girl? She responded with anger and fear. Three months after his death she essentially told me to get my crap together and get over it. Again, she was terrified of me turning into her. My aunt died and then my grandfather and then my best friend. I had no one. My sister cut me out, because she had her own hurdles to deal with. I was bleeding out and my soul was desperate and aching. I used anything I could to soothe my pain.
My mom put me in treatment for the first time at 17. I found a place I finally felt like I belonged. People accepted me. I finally had a place to lay my heart. People built me up. I had a family and community. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without AA. For once in my life I belonged somewhere. I had no identity. I was a troubled young girl without the love of Christ. AA gave me an identity and it became my life. AA became my religion and gave me purpose. I was no longer the broken and abandoned child I once was. I was a recovering addict with a powerful story that I could use to help people. Without AA I felt like I had nothing. AA led me to God. I believed it was built upon spiritual principles. It echoed the bible in so many ways. Yet, after three years of sobriety I relapsed. The problem was while AA is a spiritual program it isn’t biblical. It is not Christ based and it couldn’t give me the healing and freedom I truly needed. What I needed was Jesus and to be firmly planted in the word and learn my identity through Him. I spent years treating the symptoms, not the actual root problem which was I was a human being in desperate need of a relationship with Christ. I tried everything to fill the void that could only ever be filled with my creator. For me, AA is apart of that list. I had a huge problem with using the things of this word to label me and give me value. I had to have a God and it could have been anybody. Drugs, alcohol, sponsors, men, etc. I was searching for an identity. Whatever seems better in the moment worked for me.
The problem with a man made program for me was that I needed to be planted in something irrefutable and undeniable. My identity absolutely had to be grounded in Christ. The world labeled me a broken person and it started with my environment. Satan has used countless lies to keep me in chains.

I am unloved.
I am not worthy.
I am a mistake.
I am nothing.
I can do nothing.
No one cares about me.
My friends don’t really care about me.
I am ugly.
I am crazy.
I need a man to feel beautiful.
I can’t be alone.
If I am alone then I will always be alone.
I will turn out just like my parents.
I am a whore.
I am a horrible mother.
I am a bad wife.
I am a bad friend.
I am an addict.
I am an alcoholic.
I am unfixable.
There is no cure.
I am a new creation in all things, but that.
Jesus has the ability to make me new and heal me completely but not that part of me.

I spent the most formidable and impressionable time of my life being raised by people who didn’t know the love of God. I am so thankful for the path I walked, because the lie the enemy has used for so long to keep me in chains and to harm me God turned and used it for good. The enemy pushed me right into the arms of my Creator.

I put on the cloak of an unhealable alcoholic, because I didn’t know any better or any different. I didn’t understand the true meaning of what being made new really was.

As a Christian I am a new creation. I have been given the Holy Spirit. JESUS DIED SO THAT I COULD LIVE. Jesus freed me from slavery and the ways of this fallen world. I am not an alcoholic. I am not an addict. I am Kaleigh Posey and I am a child of God. The only person that has the ability to put chains around my wrist is myself when I fail to do the good I know to do. Not alcoholism. Not addiction. I have been freed. God has been showing me this all along. I am the one that keeps putting myself in chains. He gives me a revelation of His freedom and I turn away from it, because I still truly had not accepted the truth and the power of just how BIG of God He is. My father the one who created the heavens and the earth, the one who created me if he doesn’t have the ability to heal and cure someone like me, then I am limiting Him and putting him in a box.

I was taught that as an addict I have a spiritual malady that can only be cured with a spiritual solution and I am sick in the mind as well as the body. The mind can be fixed, but as soon as I take the first drink or the first drug there is no return. I am off to the races and my mind will be broken again and the only answer to that is working the 12 steps. Does that sound like being made new?
Does that sound like the miraculous healing of Christ?

God gave me a revelation about 9 months ago that AA wasn’t the Spiritual program I thought it was. It had led me to put my faith in a man made thing. I stood for something that told people they could believe in any God to find freedom and that was enough to make a beginning.

That is not the truth. The only beginning is through Jesus. The only path to true freedom is through a relationship with Christ. There is no backdoor to God. The road is narrow and the only way to the Father is through the Son. Upon that foundation is where one can begin to build a sturdy house. About 4 months ago, God gave me a revelation that I wasn’t a recovered alcoholic or an addict. I was a daughter of His Kingdom. I rejected it. I didn’t truly believe that God was big enough to heal me. I was terrified of taking my relationship with God deeper because that meant that I would no longer have control over my life. My flesh wanted the throne of my heart. The enemy attacked me and I failed to do the good I knew to do. I spiraled. I put the enemy’s chains back on my wrist and I relapsed within a week of that revelation. I had just gotten a year sober. Within a few days I realized the stupidity of my mistake and I immediately recoiled from it. I was ashamed and was afraid to be honest about my failure. I thought I could resume life as normal. I immediately began trying to go deeper with God and I would reach out to connect and he was speaking to me every where, but there was no depth. I had built a prison around my soul because I failed to bring my mistake into the light. I was lying to my husband. About a month afterwards I sat outside and I confessed to him. He was amazed. This was the first time I came out on my own. He didn’t find out, I had quit within three days and told him on my own, and not because my life had become so miserable I couldn’t bare it, but because I wanted to go deeper with the Spirit, but I couldn’t because I was lying to my husband. My heart, marriage, and home was not in shalom. Not in order. Once I got honest with my husband I was immediately relieved and everything went back to the way it was.
That was my first inkling that something was different.

I told my husband and I told my pastors. I told my sisters.
Months ago God gave me a purpose and a vision. I started this blog. God gave me a voice and talent for writing. He wanted me to use it for glory.

I was afraid to be honest on this platform and with my community. I thought if I told everyone about my relapse that they would doubt the power of God. How completely self-centered. Another lie the enemy used to keep me in chains. I half way brought everything into the light, but really failed to voice what God was truly doing in my life, which is the whole reason I had began this journey to begin with.

A few months later I relapsed again. On the fourth of July.
The night before I was sitting outside again with my husband and we had just received a revelation of how the enemy uses lies and labels to keep us in chains. The very next day I woke in a very dark and angry place made a decision to relapse.

Later that night I was horrified. I immediately turned away from it and planned to get honest about it as soon I could work it out in my own mind.

God had other plans. I would have immediately trapped myself off from the Spirit again due to shame and fear. I woke up the next day a bit disturbed, but ultimately at peace.

My husband and I had plans to watch Stanger things, but the Spirit laid something heavy on his heart he couldn’t shake. That heaviness was me and he just didn’t know it, but after some prayer he questioned me. He thought he was going insane, but couldn’t deny the Spirit telling him that I was not being honest about something.

I was terrified, but I thought about the time I spent wallowing in fear and shame back in April and I told him the truth.

The truth was I had relapsed and the crazy thing was I didn’t feel the burning urge to go out and do it again. I reflected back to all the times I had been in that very position of painful honesty and I couldn’t think of a time accept back in April when I wasn’t crawling out of my skin to go get drunk or high. I was at peace. I could not shake the absolute presence of the Holy Spirit in my heart.

Then the most wonderful feeling of absolute freedom floated through my whole being and I finally saw the big picture that God had been painting all along that I had been failing to see. I was and am free.

I don’t want to go out and get a drink. I don’t want to solve my issues with substances. I want to go deeper and deeper with my Creator. I want to be a wife and a mother and I want to use my voice, my story, and my mistakes to show the Glory and wonderful mercy of God in my life. I want to shine a light on every dark corner of my being and I don’t want a single thing in my heart that doesn’t line up with the will of God.

I am FREE. There is absolutely nothing that can separate me from the love of Christ.

Again, what the enemy used to harm me, God used for my good.

I am not a victim.
I am not an addict.
I am a daughter of the King
And his name is Yahweh.

I am not addicted to anything. I am not an addict. That is an absolute lie used by the enemy to keep me in chains and label which I thought I had found my freedom and my community. I am Kaleigh a wife, a mother, a daughter, sister, friend, but more than anything else I am a daughter of God and this is what true freedom in Christ can mean. It means finding your identity rooted in the one who made you. You are His just as I am. Don’t limit his ability and his power in your life. God gave us the Spirit, which gives us the Spirit of self-control and the power over sin in our lives, but only if we are truly and intently living a righteous life for him will that true freedom be found. If you haven’t been given that revelation and your identity isn’t rooted in Christ then your easy pray for the enemy and of course you will use things outside of yourself to fill you up and give you purpose. Doesn’t really matter what lie or label the enemy is using:

There’s many in this world that we live in. Sometimes people have many different struggles all at once, but I’m here to tell you that living a life fully for Jesus can give you power over them and it is a daily thing and it doesn’t happen over night. I’ve been on a long journey of God ripping open my layers of protection and revealing my flesh and weaknesses.
But for the first time in my entire life, I am absolutely certain of one thing that I never thought was possible that God absolutely has the ability heal our souls, but we’ve got to want it because of our love for him and not anything else.
God heals from the inside out and when he breaks chains they are broken for good.

How free do you want to be?

How free do you want to be? That was an expression I heard many times while I was in and out of recovery circles. The statement echoed through my mind many times as if taunting me. I would turn it over in my head and wrestle with the feeling of conviction that it left with me after I heard it.

‘What did that even mean?’, I would wonder angrily.

Many years later after hearing it over and over again, after I had finally been gifted with true freedom, did I finally comprehend what that statement meant.

Jesus can’t redeem what you don’t bring into the light. God can’t provide a miracle for something you don’t ask for.

If you aren’t willing to have the faith or commit the works, then how do you expect Him to move in your life?

For many years I would pray to God to save me from myself, to relieve me of my misery. Many times I was offered chance after chance at help. Help, I certainly did not deserve. Help, that only a God like the God of Israel could provide. I would be so incredibly grateful, but the peace never lasted. I would be in a worse off condition had you found me several months later. Why?

Why wouldn’t God deliver me from myself? Why couldn’t I get it together? I was desperate and in so much pain. There were times I would just pray and ask God to take me. If this was going to be my life, a never ending cycle of addiction and pain, then God, just end it. I don’t want it.

God had a different plan for me and I thank him every day for his purpose in my life.

Why? Why didn’t God enable me back then to be where I am today?

The simple answer is I didn’t really want to be free. I didn’t really want true freedom and I certainly didn’t understand what true freedom was. I could sure see it in people. I could see when people were walking daily with the Holy Spirit. I could see the sparkle in their eye. I could see the light that that shined so brightly when they entered a room, a light that wasn’t even possible to shine that brightly on their own without the Spirit’s help. I saw God work miracles in others people’s life. Where was my miracle that I prayed so fervently for?

Writing this now, all I can see is the sheer selfishness and self-pity that this girl that was once me, walked in daily.

Yet, God came through in ways for me that I never expected and certainly didn’t always like.

You see, God doesn’t see me the way I saw me. Nor, does he see you the way you see you.

We were all made for so much more. When we accept Jesus Christ as our savior we become a part of a covenant.

A part of a relationship that should become the most important relationship of our lives. Not only, do we become a bride of Christ, we become a son or daughter of God. We are adopted into a heavenly family. It doesn’t end there. We also become temples… a vessel for the Holy Spirit. We are gifted with the Holy Spirit when we are baptized and adopted into this new family.

The Holy Spirit then begins a great work in us. sanctifiying us, sharpening us. The Spirit begins to move in our lives interceding on our behalf in our prayers.

The spirit begin to move in our heart and minds showing us which way to walk. We are remade. We are reborn. We are made new. God sees us, all of us, but once we accept Jesus as our savior and begin to repent Jesus covers our sin. We are made holy and righteous through this process. That’s how God begins to see us. Forgiven and loved.

This becomes a daily process, the process of sanctification. It is only possible through faith and works. The work isn’t trying to measure up to a Holy God. The work isn’t about a religious duty. The work also isn’t about the law.

See God, knew, we would never be able to achieve the standard that his law commanded. The law is holy and perfect, because God is Holy and perfect. We are not, because sin entered the world when Eve and Adam disobeyed God and ate from the Tree of Knowledge.

God loved us so much. So very much, that he sent his own son to die so that you and I could live. So that we could find true freedom and live and walk in it. We are given that ability when we accept the Holy Spirit into our lives.

So when my Father looks at me, he doesn’t see the girl that I wrote about earlier. He doesn’t see the broken and desperate girl I was. He sees me, new and remade. He sees me as beautiful and worthy, because I was made worthy by the blood of Christ. He sees me as a child with a purpose to shepperd His sheep into His Kingdom. While, I may not see myself that way some days, that’s absolutely how he sees me. The amazing thing is, I am called by my Father to glorify him, and me, by myself may not be qualified to do that, but he empowers me to do so. He doesn’t call the qualified he qualifies the called.

Can I let you in a secret? None of us are qualified. How can you and I be qualified to do any good works for our Father? As holy and mighty as He is? That’s impossible, but that’s exactly what kind of God He is. He makes the impossible, possible.

Look at Moses, Jeremiah, Isaiah… none of them thought they were worthy to be God’s mouthpiece. God said to them, you are not. I make you so!

God took the broken and lost girl I was and through the blood of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit fully healed and redeemed me.


I did the work. I love and have faith in God and his word. I believe in Christ. I asked the Holy Spirit to come in and wreck my world. I love God I obeyed his word. When we begin to obey God’s word amazing things begin to happen. Things start shifting. We begin to die to ourselves deny our flesh and we are literally changed from the inside out. We are made righteous.

So the original question: how free do you want to be?

So what are area are you not willing to invite God into? What thing are you not willing to let light be shined on? What place in your life are you keeping in the dark? Is it your anger? Is it some secret sin? Is it something you can’t even begin to acknowledge? Is it unforgivenness? Whatever it is, I assure you God already sees it and all you have to do it do the work and shed light on it.

When we begin to invite God into the very places we want to keep him out of and thoroughly devote ourselves to him through a daily relationship. Daily prayer and meditation. Daily studying the word. Daily surrounding yourself with other believers walking the same walk I’m describing here. Daily taking your thoughts captive and turning away from sin. Daily communicating with Jesus and the Holy Spirit and God, you too, can find freedom and walk in it.

The secret ingredients?

Faith. Your bible. Biblical disciples. Prayer. Discipline. The main ingredient? Obey His word. That’s what he wants above all else. You see, if Eve and Adam had obeyed him in the very beginning I wouldn’t be writing this now. God says if you love me, obey my word. That’s what it truly looks like to love God. Obey His word. You can’t obey his word, if you aren’t committed to studying it.

I made the decision a year ago today to start obeying God’s word and it’s been literally life-changing for me.

On April 2, 2018 I came to the end of myself. I got down on my knees and invited God back into my life. I begged Him to come in and begin a work in me and show me the way out. I prayed for Him to make it obvious so that I would not miss it.

A day later He answered my prayer. As my husband was yelling at me and as I was making the decision to pack my bags and walk out on my life and my family God whispered to me. He whisperd, y’all!! I’ve never been more certain than anything in my life. I was deep in thought trying to figure out where I could go, I was overcome with shame and self-loathing. I couldn’t even see or hear my husband anymore. God, interrupted my thoughts, “This is what you wanted. Here is your way out. Take it.”

I was stunned. I didn’t mean this way, Lord! We never do, do we? It never quite looks like how we think it should.

I just knew and God did too, that if I walked out that door I was lost. There would never be another chance for me. I wouldn’t be able to bring myself back from that. The enemy would have won and it would have been absolutely my fault. We are all responsible for the wrong we commit. The enemy can’t make us do something we already don’t want to do, but there does come a time when we continue to make decisions based on self and commit so much wrong that we won’t be able to find right again. There absolutely is a point of no return. We have one life to live. Don’t waste it living in the dark. One day our number is going to be up and we won’t get another chance to figure it out.

I was amazed. I couldn’t help, but praise God in all His glory… that was the first taste of what it felt like to be loved by God that I had ever truly experienced. It was earth-shattering. I felt seen and heard in away I never had before. The next day I moved my feet. I began to commit myself to Him daily and He came in and truly set me free. He has set me free from things I didn’t even know I needed to be free from!

A year later, I’ve had ups and downs. When I’m not daily plugged in, I feel it. It gets harder and harder to devote myself to His word. My selfishnesss begins to rise to the point where it’s unbearable. I repent and devote myself once again. Yet, nothing I’ve experienced this year has kept me from turning away from Him. Not one thing I’ve had to go through alone. God has empowered me to work through all of my brokenness and freed me from it, every time I bring it to him. The question I ask myself, the thing that keeps me in the race, is:

How free do you want to be?

I Don’t Want To Be Mine

I will fight for you!

I will fight against the temptations and distractions of this world to be close to your side!

I will slay my flesh over and over again to quiet the selfish urge inside of me that tells me not today, maybe tomorrow. And I will do it as many times as it takes.

When I fail I will crawl my way back through my own pitfalls to be in your presence.

I will never stop fighting.

I won’t give up.

I won’t turn away and if I do I will turn right back around until I am with you forever.

I will say no even when it it feels like I’m literally dying to say yes!

I will put you first and I will put myself last!

Their ways are not my ways, no, I don’t want them to be.

I will set the world on fire, I will burn it all down with the light and love that I know is inside of me, because of you!

You! Only you! Brought me back from the gates of insanity, the darkest depths I have ever known was because I didn’t fully know you, Jesus!

Your freedom tasted so good on my lips! I will always be thirsty for the freedom that you poured down on me.

I don’t want this life if you’re not in it.

With out you, I am bitter. I am bruised. I am angry. I am broken. I am useless and burnt out.

You give my days purpose that I cannot even begin to fathom the feeling of wonder when I am close by your side.

The world looks bright with you in it!

Anywhere you are, I want to be there!

You are my hope. My dream.

My life. My hands. My feet. My will, let it be yours!

Use my life for your good, because I have no good for it!

Without your light in my heart, I can be so mean. So angry. So intent of destroying the light around me.

Without you, I am leading me! I lead myself into the darkest parts of my mind that wants to enslave me again, but you saved me. You brought me back! You stood me up and told me to stand tall! You dusted me off and I began to shine as if I were already the diamond you created! You healed me! You redeemed me! You freed me!

I want to love like you love!

I want to bleed like you bleed!

So take this bruised and battered heart! Take this prideful and angry woman that I can be and make her beautiful for your own purpose, for your own will!

I am yours, because I don’t want to be mine!


Recovered Alcoholic to Daughter of the Kingdom

I suffered from alcoholism and drug addiction for over a decade. It really didn’t get absolutely terrible until I turned 19. I really didn’t even identify as someone having a problem till I was 17. I just thought, I did it because it made me feel better. The first time I got blackout drunk was when I was 16. My dad had died the year before, and instead of grieving I used substances to cope. I would get so drunk that I would black out, and then I could deal with it, or so my friends told me. That I was an uncontrollable, crying mess. My bestfriend died when I was 18 and I thought it was my fault, because I had ended our relationship. A few months later he passed away due to an accident from using drugs and alcohol. I blamed myself for a very long time. I would get drunk and cry about my loved ones and feel sorry for myself. It was an awful cycle that repeated itself over and over again.

As a teenager it was all fun and games until it wasn’t. I was about 17 when I first realized I might have an issue. I don’t remember much of the night. I don’t even remember what I was doing. I snuck out all of the time as a kid, because my mom pretty much grounded me from the time I was 16 until they finally kicked me out. I don’t even remember if I was coming or going, I just remember asking myself. Why am I doing this? It’s not even fun anymore. The scary thing was, it didn’t even phase me.

One night my mom checked my room and I was gone of course. She called me and told me to come home. When I got there, they just looked at me so perplexed, and asked me, “Why are you doing this?”

I didn’t know. I couldn’t answer them. All I knew was that I couldn’t stop and it terrified me. My mom put me in treatment for the first time at 17. It was good. I finally started to feel better. I got to talk out my sad story and we looked at alot of root issues. I had my trigger list. I knew my REBT coping tool. I had some really nasty side affects from coming off all the stimulants I had been using, and quite a few from the mood stabilizers, but despite all of that, I was finally feeling better. I felt like I could stay healthy and sober. I remember thinking honestly to myself on the last week I was there, that I didn’t want to do drugs or drink. I wanted to stay sober. I was thrilled at the prospect, but I was so afraid. I had been in a safety net for over 80 days. What would going home be like for me?

Without even a second hesitation I snuck out the very first night and my friend scooped me up. I was drunk within hours of returning home. I was amazed and didn’t understand how I went from being totally wanting to be sober, to drunk in a matter of hours. My mom had enough. She kicked me out. I was staying with a much older man, until he finally had enough of my escapades. The night he kicked me out was totally demoralizing. A few weeks later I checked myself into rehab. From the time I was 16-19 I went to 4 different rehabs and several outpatient programs. At 20 I went to a sober living home. Then I was kicked out and then accepted back in.

Through all of that, I still couldn’t stay sober. When I finally decided that I needed to do what I wanted, which unfortunately was do drugs until I wanted to be done, not because everyone else wanted me to stop. You can’t get sober for anyone, but yourself. Not for your job or for your kids. Not your spouse. If you are the real deal alcoholic or addict, then nothing but a spiritual solution to a spiritual malady will get you sober.

After some harrowing experiences and some real deep soul searching. I finally came to the end of myself. All those treatment facilities and programs isn’t where it clicked for me. I got sober on someone’s couch and the crazy thing was I managed to stay sober for sometime after that. I followed direction. I worked the 12 steps. I got honest and I did whatever I could to stay sober. I was willing to do whatever it took.

I’m not knocking rehabs or anything of the sort. It just wasn’t what helped me get sober and stay sober. Really, the sobriety of any individual isn’t a building or treatment plan. It’s the person willing to do the work. Regardless, I’m thankful for each and every person from those places that tried to help me.

Sobriety was awesome. Working the steps was awful and hard at first. I was like this little kid learning how to ride a bike without handlebars. There was so much emotional work I had to do. It really sucked, but about 6 months in it really began to change my heart and life. I fell in love with life and the people around me. I loved going to my meetings. I loved helping other girls. I finally found something I rocked at that was good for me. More than anything, I fell in love with Jesus.

One of the conditions of me living with the family that took me in off the streets was that I had to go to church every Sunday. I believed in God and I really liked what I saw in my sponsor, but I had a lot of resentment and shame when it came to God. Working the 12 steps really enabled me to start building that relationship with God. The cool thing about the 12 steps, was that I could make God more approachable in my mind. I could throw out those old conceived notions of an angry and mean God and I just pictured an old wise man. Someone that I wasn’t afraid to talk too. I began to read the bible and the more I went to church the more I began to really fall head over heels for Jesus.

Surrounded by people who cared about me and loved me, I flourished. I’m so thankful for that family that took my brokenness and showed me how to live and love Jesus with whole my heart. If it wasn’t for them, I dont know where I would be today. I’d probably be dead.

I stayed sober for nearly three years, but relapsed just shy of picking up my 3 year chip. I stopped working my program. I’d like to say I got complacent, but looking back I had made an error very early in. I was a very codependent person. I had experienced so much loss and abandonment in my life I didn’t feel like I was worthy of love unless I had someone to fill the gaping whole inside of me. Instead of turning to God having him tell me my identity, I had other people in my life fill that gap. Men and my friends. Obviously, that did not work. I got married quickly and had a baby. I stopped praying and seeking God and soon I found myself worse off spiritually then I had ever been.

I contemplated suicide. Tried a few times. I was a mess. It was awful. I don’t think I had ever been in such a dark place before. Once you taste the sunlight of the Spirit and choose to walk away from it, it does really crazy things to your mind.

I spiraled for quite sometime. My husband was a God send. He chose to love me and fight for me every step of the way. He truly showed me what mercy and grace was. He never gave up on me. Not once. There are memories and years I’ll never get back and that breaks my heart. More than anything, I deeply regret all of the trouble and pain I caused my family.

I’m now going to tell you a story inside of my story of how God met me where I was and pulled me out of my self-made pit.

One evening I sat outside and my soul cried out to God. I wanted to stop I didn’t know how. I tried so many different ways. I knew the answer. I knew I needed to have a spiritual overhauling. I didn’t just need to be connected to God, I needed to want to be connected God. I began writing.
It started out about my step child and then morphed into my anger towards God and then ended with me asking him to rescue me. To reach down and throw me a rope so that I could climb out of this pit I had led myself into. I asked plainly, I prayed and asked him to be so completely obvious to me. I wanted a relationship with him.

Do you know that I trusted you?
I trusted you to take care of us.
I know that it’s our own freewill that allows us to encounter the pain that we do.
I know also that it’s the sin and evil that is in the world
But I trusted you.
I grew up believing in all that good that you did, I grew up literally feeling the love you had for us.
I grew up knowing no matter the pain and the hurt we endured, I grew up believing that you would always be there.
YOU HAVE been,
but I came to believe that, somehow foolish me, that you saw me. You saw me in my pain and You rescued me. I trusted you. Life is life, but after all I had been through, I thought somehow foolish me, that I had lost enough. That I had failed enough. Yet, when I finally met you, that was the best experience I had ever gone through. I grew so much. I was thrilled. Life finally felt like an adventure instead of a prison. I was excited. You were driving, I let you. I always got us lost, I always made the wrong turns, you led me to freedom. It was truly amazing. I finally felt all the mercy and grace I knew you had for me. I saw myself the way you saw me. No not all of the time, I’m not perfect, That’s why I have you. I had the time of my life with you in the driver’s seat. Yet, one day I stopped calling, I took the lead, I stopped seeking your truth in my life. I stopped caring if people saw you in me. I stopped caring if I was hurting them and hurting you, and hurting me. I started making decisions for myself, but not very good ones. I started free falling. I’d catch myself by pure luck most of the time, but still I couldn’t commit for very long. I’d sit, I’d pause, I’d talk and you would listen. Peace would reach me, but before you even had chance to really work in my life, in my heart, I’d fall again. I’m not very good at this. At relationships. I ball myself up and remain so closed off. It was better this way, I thought, after all that loss. I had had enough I thought.
When she got sick, I knew. I knew when they told us, I knew. This was a familiar pattern, but rememer, I trusted you, why? I’m asking why, even though I shouldn’t. That’s your business. Their business, I didn’t have a place to ask. I didn’t have a place to fit in that hand I was dealt, but I really did chose it. See all that, it could have been something, had I not stopped seeing you. I remained hopeful and faithful you would come in and save the day. I truly did. I was ready, for your miracle. I know there was one, there’s a miracle somewhere that isn’t about me, but about you, but I wanted that miracle for me, for them, for her. I wanted that miracle most of all for me though, because I’m so utterly selfish, because I trusted you, but I realize now that I really didn’t. I really haven’t. Or I’d be fully committed. I wouldn’t stop calling, I’d be there everytime I could, but I haven’t and I’m hurting. I miss you. I miss them. I miss who I was, who I wanted to be, who I could have been. Will you help me, get back to that, but most of all move forward. You will you take me on that journey again? I want you in the driver’s seat. I’m lost. I’m broken. I don’t want to bring my brokenness on them. I want it gone. I want that freedom. Will you show me how? I’m gonna be honest I’m out of ideas. I don’t want this life. This life I created, this prison I made it. Will you set me free? I know you did. 2000 years ago. You gave us Jesus. We couldn’t do it, you knew it, you gave us love, in the form of your son. You gave us a helper in the form of a spirit, all parts of you, but will you help me embrace it? I’m so selfish so broken so needy, so desperate. I am weak. You are strong, so will you help me? Please answer this time. Help me, help myself. Deliver me, help me, give me the eyes to see you at work, give me the ears to hear you at work. Help me turn my back on the darkness. Shine a light in my life. Because we need it. We so very need it. I’m asking you if you can come back? Will you receive me with joy? Will you forgive me for the hurt? For the destruction I caused? Will you help me say I’m sorry to those who need to hear it. Will you lead me?

Only two days later. My husband meets me in the bathroom he had found a tiny little speck of marajuana. What are the odds? I had been so careful of hiding all evidence of my deciet. I immediately fell into my old habits of shame and guilt. I was ready to leave and walk away from my family. They deserved better. Then as my husband turned to leave me alone in my despair. I heard God so clearly. This is what you asked me for. I have thrown you a rope and I have made it obvious. Had my husband not found that tiny little speck of weed, who knows what would have happened. I was on the verge of no return. I shared my experience with him. We had a long discussion and he gave me some advice and asked me too look at my wounds. Why did I keep turning back to my addiction? The very next morning I began a devotional I had started in the middle of my relapse, but hadn’t really begun it. The devotional was literally about how Satan will use our pain and weakness to cripple us and keep us in slavery. And the first bible verse was 1 peter 5:8, Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. God was speaking so clearly to me. A few days later, I was looking through my old writings. Things I had written as a teenager. As I was reading them I began to cry. My parents were both addicts. I felt so alone and abandoned by them. Over and over again, I wrote and wondered why I was not good enough for them, why did they choose their addiction over me? I had taken their faults and labeled myself as unworthy because of it. That followed me into adulthood. I thought I had worked through it and that I had gotten over it. I had parshely. I had indeed forgiven them, but I still identified myself as shameful and dirty. Those labels that I held onto fiercely was killing me. God spoke to me then, living water fell over me and engulfed me in healing. I again heard him so clearly. He said, you are mine. I made you, you are loved and wanted. You are my child. You are not an orphan. Satan used my addiction to keep me in bondage and slavery. My addiction is my thorn (2 Corinthians 12:1-10). My addiction is my dislocated hip (Genesis 32: 22-32). My addiction is not my end, but my beginning. It is a gift from God, to keep me weak, so that I will always turn to my God for strength. He knew me so well, he knew without it, that I would not turn to him, because I’m so prideful. This was a revelation that he gave me over the course of a few days. Each time it was so obvious to me what he was telling me, and each day it was my prayer being answered again and again. I keep praying and keep seeking him. Every day, I must call out to him. My plight is a beautiful gift in disguise. I am so very blessed. I am not cured, to remain free I must turn to Jesus, my redeemer. My goal is not to remain sober, but to continuously seek God and go deeper in my relationship with him. My addiction is a symptom of being Self-reliant instead of God-reliant. Satan is waiting in the shadows, but my God is my protector, with him I cannot fail.

God really began to work wonders of miracles and healing in my life.

Some of which I’ve already posted before, but the miracle I want to tell you about now is how God has transformed me from an Alcoholic into a fully healed and redeemed daughter of His Kingdom.

My husband and I began a marriage class given by the pastor of my new church and his wife.

As we poured over the word, I truly began to learn about who God is, what Jesus dying on the cross has done for us. The first thing I learned is that inside of every believer is two parts. Our flesh is our, guaranteed since Adam and Eve, sinful nature. The other is our soul. The part that God created. The spirit that lives inside of us is God. Our soul and our flesh are constantly at war. The helper, the spirit, given to us by Jesus is what leads us and helps us overcome our flesh. The only way we can overcome our own sin, is by knowing and loving Jesus. We actually don’t have the power over our own sin, the spirit is what helps us conquer our sin. The only true way to do that is by living out the word and having faith in Jesus. Living righteously. Which is a daily thing. Daily prayer and meditation. Daily repentance. Daily doing good and feeding your soul with the word of God.

The cool thing was, the more I learned the more I realized I was kind of already doing all of that through my 12 step program. I did daily prayer and meditation. I did daily repentance. I helped other people.

We started diving into the old testament and I realized that I had a lot of faulty ideas about Christianity and God.

Which really got me thinking about my life. I began to question every thing I knew and what I was doing. I became convicted of certain things in my life.

In the beginning everything I was learning matched up perfectly with my 12 step program. Then slowly, it began to become evident that they were very different. For instance, step two of the 12 steps, was

Came to believe in a power greater than myself that could restore me to santiy

Which for me, was no big deal. I already believed in Jesus. I had no issue there, but what about the ones that didn’t?

Looking back over my years as a 12 stepper, I have told many people, it doesn’t have to be my conception of God, but any conception. Your own conception. As long as it’s not something you can destroy you’re fine. The hope of course is that the more deeper they go in their relationship with their higher power that they’ll come to know and love Jesus, but that isn’t the case.

I was completely convicted. I was selling a story I didn’t believe in my own heart. I was telling people to believe or be willing to believe in any God they wanted and that was enough to get them to the next step. I had helped people build a foundation on a false God and that totally broke my heart. How could I be a believer and continue to do that and stay sober?

I knew that the number two things I had to do to stay sober and connected to God was being willing and honest. I wrestled with that forsometime. I loved the 12 steps. My identity was wrapped up so much in being a recovered alcoholic. In fact, my first blog post was mainly about being recovered alcoholic.

I spoke about my fears with my pastor, my husband, my friends, and my sponsor. Basically, from the 12 step side they told me I was looking at it wrong. That step two is to get them to the door and through it and that the rest was up to God. Which, is what many of my Christian 12 steppers told me and what gave them peace about the whole thing. They all have wrestled with it as well.

My pastor on the other hand, asked me if I believe that Jesus has the power to heal and transform lives. I said yes. He asked me, if I had been born again? I said yes. He said you aren’t a recovered addict. You are born again and risen from the dead from coming to believe in Jesus Christ. He said that God doesn’t see me as an addict. He said the God sees me clean and pure because of Jesus.

This rocked me to my core. I thought at first. No, he just doesn’t get it. I knew in order to stay sober I must live in the 12 steps. Without them, I will fail. I shared my fear. He gave a sermon a few weeks later that was the answer to my questions.

The bible tells me how to live righteously. The bible has the steps of becoming sanctified. The bible calls us we who were once dead in our sins, once having been born again Saints. We are called God’s holy people.

But how?

How am I holy?

I am holy by living righteously, Jesus makes me holy, by his sacrifice which enables me to live righteously. The only way to the Father is through him. Apart, from Jesus I can do nothing.

How do I live righteously?

I said it earlier.

Inside of every believer is two parts. Our flesh and our soul. Our flesh is our, guaranteed since Adam and Eve, sinful nature. The other is our soul. The part that God created. The spirit that lives inside of us is God. Our soul and our flesh are constantly at war. The helper, the spirit, given to us by Jesus is what leads us and helps us overcome our flesh. The only way we can overcome our own sin, is by knowing and loving Jesus. We actually don’t have the power over our own sin, the spirit is what helps us conquer our sin. The only true way to do that is by living out the word and having faith in Jesus. Living righteously. Which is a daily thing. Daily prayer and meditation. Daily repentance. Daily doing good and feeding your soul with the word of God.

The books of Romas makes this very clear. How had I missed it for so long?

The Word makes it very clear on how to life in the freedom of Jesus and live a righteous life.

The thing is, you have to read the Word. You have to want to be connected to God. You have to love him and want to know him. You have to obey his command. Obeying the word is more important to God than anything else!

So this was the beginning of my journey into true freedom. I came to the sad and heartbreaking realization that as a believer I couldn’t promote a program that promoted a false or unknown God. As a Christian, I could only point to Jesus. This was radical thinking and I knew it. I knew I would be met with dismay from my fellow 12steppers.

The bible is radical and so I don’t apologize for being radical. The bible is very clear. The only way to the Father is through Jesus.

When talking to my fellow 12 steppers, some tried to reason with me. The point of AA they said, was that it is all inclusive and that people of all race and all religion can partake and find freedom. That’s great, but the bible makes it very clear that the only way to true freedom and eternal life is not all inclusive in the way AA is. While, yes, Jesus is for everyone, may they find him now, but the path to the Father, is only one way and that is through Jesus.

And as the bible says,

After parting from AA I was so in fear of what my daily life would like and I honestly felt as if my identity had been stripped from me. I felt alone and terrified of a relapse. During my time in AA I thought I had found my purpose in helping other addicts to freedom. I was heartbroken at thought of losing that purpose.

Then one evening I shared my fears with myhusband, he said this is great news! I was bewildered by his response. He explained, that my identity was based in a man-made program and now I could finally find and rest in the identity given to me by God.

Not long after, one Sunday morning during worship God spoke so clearly to me. He said, you are mine. You are my daughter. A daughter of my Kingdom. Your purpose is me and to help other lost sheep to my Kingdom.

It totally wrecked me. I realized after all this time, that Jesus totally had the power to heal and transform my life. I was just going about the wrong way. I thought being a Christian meant that I went to church, read my bible, and tried not sin and tried to lead a good life, but it is so much more than that!

I am so thankful for AA, because it showed me the foundational tools on how to live a spiritual and righteous life. I would never have know that, otherwise.

The church should have been my answer to my addiction and brokenness to begin with. The church as a whole has become a lukewarm movement of saying how to live, but not actually living the Word out. The message of freedom and grace has been spun so positively and watered down that, man had to create a program to help broken people find healing. The crazy thing is, AA had the rightanswer. GOD. They just left out the most important part, Jesus. All of the 12 step work is taken straight from the bible, but unfortunately, the only way to an Eternal life and real spiritual birth is through Christ dying for us. Jesus says, apart from me you can do nothing.

Now, I know this message will offend so many people, and I apologize for that, but not for my God. My hope is that many will come to realize that true freedom can be found in the pages of the bible, and that the Christian walk is more than bible studies, church buildings, fellowship, and trying not to sin. My prayer for every man and woman is that they find the love of Christ and walk the narrow path.

If you have any questions please email me at:

To The Mom Who Think She’s Crazy

I know you’re feeling overwhelmed and tired. I know that you feel anxious and over worked. I know you feel totally alone.

I know you love your children, you love your partner. I know that you wouldn’t trade them for the world.

I also know that on a particular rough day when the kids aren’t listening, especially if their teenagers or toddlers, when it’s little mess after little mess, and when you’ve been on the phone five times with the same company because of human error you feel like you might explode. I know when the dishes keep piling up, when the bills keep coming and no one understands how you feel, I know that you feel like you might break. Maybe it’s anger or that heavy, suffocating coat of depression. Maybe you dread waking up. Maybe, finally it’s that last little thing that could go wrong and it has, you just lose it.

This morning you found poop crusted into the carpet and you just kept swimming, but then your toddler destroys something insignificant and rage bubbles up inside of you. Your yelling and then after you calm down you hate yourself. Mom guilt strikes hard.

You start to wonder crazy things. Like, is this normal? Have I finally lost it? Am I going to scar my kid for life? Your thoughts are racing and you want to tell someone, reach out for help, but you can’t. You are so shocked at your own behavior, how can you explain this to someone else and they think it’s normal or not want to question your judgment as a mother?

I even know your darkest thoughts that you swear you’ll never tell anyone. I know the feelings that rise up inside of you that you shove back down. Your toddler or child is fighting against you at every turn. The baby won’t stop crying. You haven’t had a good night’s rest in ages. You stay up late devouring all the alone time you can and dread going to bed, knowing you have to do it all over again the next day.

Finally, your trying to get your toddler to take a nap and they won’t. They’re screaming at you. For a wild moment you want shove them down back into their bed and scream till your hoarse.

Instead you tell them firmly again, No, it is nap time. You hover outside their room and wonder am I losing it? Is this normal for me to feel such anger towards my child?

Can I be honest with you?

It is. It’s completely normal to blow your top at something stupid. It’s completely normal to overreact and lash out at your child with WORDS. Does it make it right? No. Does it make you a bad person? Also, No. It makes you normal. Every mother loses it sometimes. If she says she never does, she’s lying.

They’re books and studies on this very subject. There are memes poking fun on the hardship of moms and they are hilarious. There are forums with mom’s questioning their sanity looking for relatebale experiences. These resources are so numerous that it’s obvious that you are not alone.

I know this, because I do it, I’m doing it. Today my daughter got a hold of something of value to me and broke it, and honestly it wasn’t that big of a deal, but something inside of me snapped. Rage bubbled up inside of me and I’m yelling at my two year old, why, why would you do this? I’m so angry that in my anger I don’t see her face crumble with fear. Later, in the night my face crumbles as I realize all she wanted was to touch the pretty flower.

Moments like this, I wish never happened. When it’s done and over I feel helpless and disgusted with myself that I lost it on a toddler that really is just acting her age. I am wrecked with guilt so profound that I worry that I’m going to harm her if I don’t control myself. That I’m going to damage her in some way.

The crazy thing is I thought I was totally alone in my feelings. I thought that I was the worst mother in the world.

Until, I talked with some women I knew were good mothers. They all had moments like mine. They’ve questioned their abilities as a mother. They’ve felt the same heaviness of total defeat as a mother. They’ve lost it and thought dark and terrible things. They’ve felt totally alone.

I was so surprised, I really thought it was just me. I really thought that I was crazy and that I needed to go get evaluated. Then, I was pissed that this information wasn’t more readily available. Why was no one saying that yes, I totally sucked at the mom thing today. Yes, for a crazy moment I totally fantasized, shoving my beautiful and happy little 2 year old’s face into the carpet as she screamed and kicked me because I wouldn’t let her jump off the coffee table onto her sisters head. Yes, I snap and I yell. Yes, there are days that I fantasize about running away. Yes, sometimes being a mom is not fun and it actually is quite painful. Being a mom is the most selfless job on the planet. It is the hardest experience I’ve ever endured. I feel like a failure 94% of the time and then my kid kisses her sister on the cheek and gives her a cheerio, and I melt.

Then, I had a thought. What if the greatest trick of the Enemy is making us feel totally alone and that we can’t tell anyone any of these things, because they will think we are insane.

You know, the Enemy likes to make us feel like we have no one and nothing. That we won’t ever get better and that we are terrible parents, and yes because I’ve lost it on my kids that they’re going to grow up and become junkies. The Enemy is good at robbing your peace and making you paranoid. The Enemy is a master manipulator and wants to divide your home and ruin your relationship with each other and make you feel so far removed from God that you feel like nothing will ever get better. The Enemy is the creator of Mom Guilt. The more you play into his hands, the worse you are going to feel.

You are not alone. You are not crazy. Postpartum depression is a thing and I am totally for individuals to seek mental health professionals if advised, but how will you know if you are totally losing or if your just dealing with normal occurrences if you don’t reach out and talk to someone else?

If you feel like I wrote above all of the time and there is no sunlight, I would strongly encourage you to seek professional help, but can I tell you that every once a while dealing with these types of feelings is completely normal. Is it completely healthy? No, but no person that walks the planet is emotionally well all of the time. We all have seasons of stress and hardships.

The thing I’m learning that in these seasons of difficulty the best way to combat the enemy is by armouring yourself in the word. Praying to God and blasting worship music. Tell yourself, that you need a minute. Walk away and sink to your knees and pray for strength. Forget the dishes, put down the phone and spend time with your little ones. Take a bath, take a nap. Go easy on your kids, go easy on yourself. Show mercy and grace.

Most of all, read the word, talk to God, talk to your family, talk to your mom friends. Don’t isolate yourself from the spirit and other people. That’s what the enemy wants.

I want you to know that you are not crazy. You are not alone. You are not a terrible mother. This mom thing is tough and sometimes grueling, but tomorrow is a new day, a new beginning. When you trust God and stay in the word, breakthrough and revelation comes. You live out your life righteously and the light comes. I promise you that.

From another mom who thinks she was crazy.

P.S. I strongly recommend if your a mom and you struggle with any of this, to begin the Overwhelmed By My blessings series by Robin Meadows. It truly changed my life. You can find it here.

Also, if you are truly questioning yourself your ability to get through the day, please reach out and get help. Don’t be afraid. That is what the enemy wants.

Do You Move When God Calls You?

I’m posting a link to a video about a beautiful moment that transpired between two strangers, all because one obeyed God’s calling, and the other dropped all pretenses and was honest with someone she didn’t know. Please watch it before reading, otherwise this blog won’t make any sense. You can watch it here!

This beautiful child of God, Amanda Riggan, encountered the Holy Spirit during her work day. Amanda works for FedEx. She was driving along her route when she came to a womans house. As she stopped to drop her packages off the woman was already outside checking her mail. Amanda helped the woman carry her packages to her door. She asked the woman how her holiday was. The woman had tears in her eyes and said, her holiday was not good, because her husband is dying and has cancer.

We’ve all been there, maybe not in the exact situation, but we’ve all been on the receiving end of a conversation where you were being polite to a stranger, just making small talk, and then someone tells you something personal that is upsetting. Like a family member dying, or terrible news they received about someone they love, maybe loss of a job, divorce, or maybe they’re just having a crappy day. Our first instinct is usually to recoil. I know mine is! I always think woah. You’re sharing too much! I don’t know you, I mean that sucks, but it’s just awkward for someone to tell you something so personal when you don’t know them from Adam. I’m also gonna be brutally honest here and say I don’t really care. I’ve got my own life and my own problems. If I don’t know you I don’t want to know anything about you. I don’t want to have small talk in the cereal aisle with you.

That is also wrong. It shows how incredibly selfish and uncompassionate I can be. How we can all be. How can we expect God to use us if we are not allowing room for him to move through us?

I know we are raised in a society that says it’s bad manners to overshare with a stranger. Don’t get me wrong, depending on the situation it absolutely can be weird to overshare with the checkout lady at Walmart. We are also raised in a society that tells us it’s weak to be vulnerable. The message to everyone is, I’m good. My day is good. Everything is fine. My life is great. It was okay. I’m okay.

Think about the last time someone, an acquaintance, or a stranger asked you how your day was and in truth your day was terrible, what did you say?

Now think bout the last time you asked someone how they’re day was, a stranger or an acquaintance, did you even stop to listen to their reply?

When a complete stranger shares something tragic with you, it’s really not about you. It’s about them. They’re in so much pain, that sometimes boundaries cease to exist. They just want to be heard. They’re so tired of all the lies and fake smiles and empty gestures of fake politeness that they’re just honest about what’s happening in their lives.

That’s an invitation to shine the light of Jesus in someone’s life. Amanda did just that. She felt God tugging at her, beckoning her back to that broken woman and something beautiful that got to give Glory to God happened. Amanda moved when God asked her too.

I’m not saying everytime time someone over shares to stop and be there for them, but I am saying give room for God to move in your life so you can hear when he asks you to move! We are called to be the salt and light of the earth!

If we are so busy going about our daily lives that we don’t have time to slow down for the Holy Spirit, then what’s the point of pursuing a relationship with God? You’re not really pursuing Jesus, your pursuing your own plan. You are your God.

We pray and ask God to use us. God tries to use us all the time. We are just usually to preoccupied with our lives we don’t hear the spirit moving us. God speaks to us in a still small voice. His commands and guidance are simple. We overcomplicate it.

So the next time you’re going about your day and you feel that tugging at your heart stop and listen. Allow God to move in your life and he’ll help you move mountains not only in your own life, but in someone else’s.

That woman Amanda prayed with broke down in tears and hugged her hard. She needed that. She needed a friend. She needed God to move in her life and God used a complete stranger to do it. He sent that woman a complete stranger to let her know he was there. He brought her comfort through someone she least expected.

A beautiful moment like that was able to happen, because Amanda was willing to stop and obey God’s calling. Not only did it effect that woman’s day, it brought profound joy to Amanda.

Slow down and let God in. It’s that simple.

When There’s No reason For Grieving

A few days ago I was driving in my car listening to a secular song called lifeline by We Three. I’ll post the lyrics for you.

The opening verse is what really caught my attention. I know we’ve all been there. There are days where we just feel empty. Stuck. Alone. Sad. Depressed. I’ve had many days like that. I’ve had seasons like that. Where I just felt like I was grieving, but I hadn’t actually lost anyone or anything.

The Holy Spirit put this on my heart and I really wanted to share it. Sometimes, probably most times, when we feel like we are grieving and we just don’t know why. The reason why we are sad is because we are missing the presence of God in our lives.

When I’m not disciplined and I’ve really wandered far from His presence I feel worn out and just freaking miserable. That’s my soul missing the connection with my father.

When I was younger and didn’t have a relationship with God I was diagnosed with several different emotional disorders at 12! 12 years old and in middle school I was labeled emotionally unwell. I was put on mood stabilizers. As a teenager, I became addicted to substances and men. Anything that made me feel alive, because I was dead inside. When I got sober and started to have a relationship with Jesus and then baptized in the Holy Spirit I got angry when I realized all those years I had spent thinking something was wrong with me and trying to find healing in the world when the answer was in a book right in front of my face! I was missing God and I just didn’t know it! My soul was crying out for Him, wanting to worship anything, because we are all made to worship something. We are created that way for a reason. The hope is that we will come to know and love our creator, but when we don’t connect the two, when we worship things in this world we are always going to be left feeling more empty than when we started. It happens to me still to this day. When I go to Netflix or my phone for refreshment I end up more tired than when I started it. The only thing that will ever fill me up, that will ever be enough is Jesus! He is the only one who can make me feel whole. No person, no label, no friend, significant other, no child, parent, family member, job, money- None can bring me peace and quench the thirst of my soul or yours. Only Jesus.

So next time you feel sad for no particular reason, ask yourself when was the last time you connected, I mean really connected with Jesus.

And if you have a friend who doesn’t know Jesus and has issues like the one I described above tell them about Him. I wish someone someone would have told me then what I know now.